Where I’ve Been

It’s been a long, long, time since I’ve used this and not that anyone is wondering where I’ve been or why I’m there and not here, but in asking myself those questions I realized there were actual answers. So, after some recollection and self-reflection I’ve compiled below the list of places where I frequent, how you can interact with me there, since I use them on a daily basis and this much less frequently, and why I use them and what purposes they serve. Sites and apps like these can and do cause great divide for various reasons, but when you use them for a certain purpose they can all be very rewarding.  Yes, they are are websites (plus one app), and yes, they can all be considered “social media” sites, but to save us all from that horrid term, they are just “places”. Virtual, sure, but places where we all spend our time.


Dribbble is a place for designers to showcase what they are working on. And it’s best left at that. People get up in arms about how it’s used beyond that, and to them I say, get over yourself. Like everything else in life, don’t participate in the things you don’t like and leave everyone else alone. There are absolutely wonderful things about this site, and plenty of things that will drive you crazy if you let them. So don’t let them.
I use it because like all of the sites below, it’s a way of self-promotion. I’m not going to mention that again because it’s true for all of them and true for almost everyone using anything. We’re all hustling. But it’s also an incredible way to meet, follow, and interact with other creative people. It’s a well of inspiration. I’ll say it again, do not let it bring it you down because it will and it will quickly. There will probably be more people pissing you off than making you happy, but it’s your choice to participate in the things they have going or not. Avoid what you don’t like and this could potentially  be the most wonderful experience you have online.
It’s invitation only, but you can sign up as a prospect and follow along and hope someone bestows upon you a sacred invite.


If I could only use one website for the rest of time, this would be it. Twitter is the mecca of what’s happening as it’s happening. I’m not going to go into much here because everyone should know about it and what it does. Despite it’s popularity, I still hear people saying that they don’t get it and it’s not for them. Well, more so than any other website or potentially any other social experience EVER, it’s for precisely for everyone. You choose what you want from it and you are rewarded immediately and intimately.
I was convinced to get a Twitter account by James Ramirez on a 2009 summer morning before we drove down to Baltimore in what eventually became one of the wildest days of my life. I didn’t have an iPhone yet, and so I couldn’t make this account on the fly and tweet the adventurous day we wound up having. But man do I wish I did. Now, Twitter has become such a part of my life that I keep the tab open all day at work and follow along with what’s going on in my world.
Also, I named my account after my friend Jeff’s dad doing magic tricks at his grade school birthday parties. I wasn’t there, it was 10 or 15 years before I’d even meet him, but a dad calling himself “magic dad” (which I don’t even know if he actually did) is the funniest thing I’ve ever heard of. Or at least, the funniest thing I could think of as I had to choose an account name.


All Tumblrs are inherently ridiculous. Well, all good Tumblrs are, anyway. When I think of Tumblr, I think “Nothing Matters.” And it really doesn’t. Post pictures of anything you want and someone will be there to think it’s cool. It’s kind of a freakish community in that way. I’ve heard fables of people using Tumblr for more serious things, but in my mind it’s best used as a house for stupid pictures of yourself and cool pictures of Townes Van Zandt. I have a hard time manipulating Tumblr to my own benefit, which is probably why my relationship with it stays so goofy, but for those who can they’ve had some great success. If Twitter is the front page of a newspaper, this is the comics section. Think about what that means and you might just love it.


Oh, Facebook. I haven’t given up on you yet, old pal. Do you know me? Prove it by adding me on Facebook. That’s sort of what I use it for at this point. That and the fact that I don’t even have a good reason to delete it. It just exists. I have no problems with it. Some people lost it over the privacy issues, but since I’m a buck wild youth of the digital age, that meant almost nothing to me. Facebook can still be fun, but am I using it for what I once did? Not even close. It’s a very cumbersome business card mixed with a custom Twitter feed filled only with your friends complaining about Obama or how bad the Phillies are this year. I find that hard to engage in, and use it just enough to get my daily rage in. The strange and embarrassing thing that lets me know Facebook is still relevant is that every once and a while I’ll be driving or something and I think “Hey… I gotta update my profile picture.” Also, I’m willing to bet some of you are reading this coming from Facebook. Sooooooo…


I like charts and I like listening to music and this offers charts about the music I listen to. Home run. It also aids in finding new music. I feel like I’ve explained all these a little too much to an audience who almost definitely knows all about them better than I do, but whatever, I’m too far along now. You might not care what I’m listening to, but you might be curious to what your real friends are. And if someone has ever asked you “What have you been listening to lately?” and you drew a blank and couldn’t give them a good answer because your mind wouldn’t think of anything besides “Ummmmmmm…. I’ve been digging the new Vetiver.” then this is for you. Because we both know that came out over a year ago and you haven’t even listened to it in the past six months. And if you had a last.fm account, I could prove that to you.

User Name: mattgoold

I love Instagram. It’s certainly the most fun I have on my phone and it’s encouraged me to look at my surroundings in a different way. Sometimes you see something cool you wouldn’t have normally, and sometimes you make something cool happen and take a picture of it. Either way, it encourages and rewards creativity and for that it’s only beneficial. Instagram has it’s naysayers, but of course it does. I can’t name another app that caused people to switch their provider just to buy and iPhone just so they could use it.
Unlike some, I unfortunately don’t care how good your photos are, your edits are, or how cute your dog or kids are…. if I don’t know you, I have almost zero interest following you. And the inverse is also true. So what if your photos are god awful, we’re friends IRL and I love seeing what you’re doing. When you can blend the two, and see some great photos from people you know, baby you’ve struck gold. You can lose your mind about this one though, so remember it’s all just fun and don’t lose sight of that. Or, lose complete sight of it and participate angrily in all the weekend hashtag projects. If I know you, I’ll be double tappin’.


~*~AnD nOw YoU kNoW aBoUt WeBsiTes~*~
So that’s where I exist on the internet on a regular basis. If you use these things and want to see me using these thing, then by all means add me, follow me, and request my friendship. I’m going to try to use this blog more often, but even at it’s most often it will never compete with the frequency I use everything above.  This was a very long way to say “When I’m not here, I’ll be there.”