Where I’ve Been

It’s been a long, long, time since I’ve used this and not that anyone is wondering where I’ve been or why I’m there and not here, but in asking myself those questions I realized there were actual answers. So, after some recollection and self-reflection I’ve compiled below the list of places where I frequent, how you can interact with me there, since I use them on a daily basis and this much less frequently, and why I use them and what purposes they serve. Sites and apps like these can and do cause great divide for various reasons, but when you use them for a certain purpose they can all be very rewarding.  Yes, they are are websites (plus one app), and yes, they can all be considered “social media” sites, but to save us all from that horrid term, they are just “places”. Virtual, sure, but places where we all spend our time.


Dribbble is a place for designers to showcase what they are working on. And it’s best left at that. People get up in arms about how it’s used beyond that, and to them I say, get over yourself. Like everything else in life, don’t participate in the things you don’t like and leave everyone else alone. There are absolutely wonderful things about this site, and plenty of things that will drive you crazy if you let them. So don’t let them.
I use it because like all of the sites below, it’s a way of self-promotion. I’m not going to mention that again because it’s true for all of them and true for almost everyone using anything. We’re all hustling. But it’s also an incredible way to meet, follow, and interact with other creative people. It’s a well of inspiration. I’ll say it again, do not let it bring it you down because it will and it will quickly. There will probably be more people pissing you off than making you happy, but it’s your choice to participate in the things they have going or not. Avoid what you don’t like and this could potentially  be the most wonderful experience you have online.
It’s invitation only, but you can sign up as a prospect and follow along and hope someone bestows upon you a sacred invite.


If I could only use one website for the rest of time, this would be it. Twitter is the mecca of what’s happening as it’s happening. I’m not going to go into much here because everyone should know about it and what it does. Despite it’s popularity, I still hear people saying that they don’t get it and it’s not for them. Well, more so than any other website or potentially any other social experience EVER, it’s for precisely for everyone. You choose what you want from it and you are rewarded immediately and intimately.
I was convinced to get a Twitter account by James Ramirez on a 2009 summer morning before we drove down to Baltimore in what eventually became one of the wildest days of my life. I didn’t have an iPhone yet, and so I couldn’t make this account on the fly and tweet the adventurous day we wound up having. But man do I wish I did. Now, Twitter has become such a part of my life that I keep the tab open all day at work and follow along with what’s going on in my world.
Also, I named my account after my friend Jeff’s dad doing magic tricks at his grade school birthday parties. I wasn’t there, it was 10 or 15 years before I’d even meet him, but a dad calling himself “magic dad” (which I don’t even know if he actually did) is the funniest thing I’ve ever heard of. Or at least, the funniest thing I could think of as I had to choose an account name.


All Tumblrs are inherently ridiculous. Well, all good Tumblrs are, anyway. When I think of Tumblr, I think “Nothing Matters.” And it really doesn’t. Post pictures of anything you want and someone will be there to think it’s cool. It’s kind of a freakish community in that way. I’ve heard fables of people using Tumblr for more serious things, but in my mind it’s best used as a house for stupid pictures of yourself and cool pictures of Townes Van Zandt. I have a hard time manipulating Tumblr to my own benefit, which is probably why my relationship with it stays so goofy, but for those who can they’ve had some great success. If Twitter is the front page of a newspaper, this is the comics section. Think about what that means and you might just love it.


Oh, Facebook. I haven’t given up on you yet, old pal. Do you know me? Prove it by adding me on Facebook. That’s sort of what I use it for at this point. That and the fact that I don’t even have a good reason to delete it. It just exists. I have no problems with it. Some people lost it over the privacy issues, but since I’m a buck wild youth of the digital age, that meant almost nothing to me. Facebook can still be fun, but am I using it for what I once did? Not even close. It’s a very cumbersome business card mixed with a custom Twitter feed filled only with your friends complaining about Obama or how bad the Phillies are this year. I find that hard to engage in, and use it just enough to get my daily rage in. The strange and embarrassing thing that lets me know Facebook is still relevant is that every once and a while I’ll be driving or something and I think “Hey… I gotta update my profile picture.” Also, I’m willing to bet some of you are reading this coming from Facebook. Sooooooo…


I like charts and I like listening to music and this offers charts about the music I listen to. Home run. It also aids in finding new music. I feel like I’ve explained all these a little too much to an audience who almost definitely knows all about them better than I do, but whatever, I’m too far along now. You might not care what I’m listening to, but you might be curious to what your real friends are. And if someone has ever asked you “What have you been listening to lately?” and you drew a blank and couldn’t give them a good answer because your mind wouldn’t think of anything besides “Ummmmmmm…. I’ve been digging the new Vetiver.” then this is for you. Because we both know that came out over a year ago and you haven’t even listened to it in the past six months. And if you had a last.fm account, I could prove that to you.

User Name: mattgoold

I love Instagram. It’s certainly the most fun I have on my phone and it’s encouraged me to look at my surroundings in a different way. Sometimes you see something cool you wouldn’t have normally, and sometimes you make something cool happen and take a picture of it. Either way, it encourages and rewards creativity and for that it’s only beneficial. Instagram has it’s naysayers, but of course it does. I can’t name another app that caused people to switch their provider just to buy and iPhone just so they could use it.
Unlike some, I unfortunately don’t care how good your photos are, your edits are, or how cute your dog or kids are…. if I don’t know you, I have almost zero interest following you. And the inverse is also true. So what if your photos are god awful, we’re friends IRL and I love seeing what you’re doing. When you can blend the two, and see some great photos from people you know, baby you’ve struck gold. You can lose your mind about this one though, so remember it’s all just fun and don’t lose sight of that. Or, lose complete sight of it and participate angrily in all the weekend hashtag projects. If I know you, I’ll be double tappin’.


~*~AnD nOw YoU kNoW aBoUt WeBsiTes~*~
So that’s where I exist on the internet on a regular basis. If you use these things and want to see me using these thing, then by all means add me, follow me, and request my friendship. I’m going to try to use this blog more often, but even at it’s most often it will never compete with the frequency I use everything above.  This was a very long way to say “When I’m not here, I’ll be there.”

Super Bowl XLVI


The Super Bowl. A game where people come together to watch their favorite team beat the other guy. Or watch a team they like beat a team they don’t like. Or in my case, watch two teams they don’t like play a rematch of a Super Bowl game that happened just four years ago. Yeah, the New York Giants vs the New England Patriots. It’s not ideal, it’s pretty far from it… I actually can’t think of a worse possible outcome, but regardless, I’ll be watching. And hopefully before game time I can be nudged centimeters to one side or the other so I can root for someone.

I’ve made it a habit of making posters for the Super Bowl for the past few years, and so I did again this year. Whether or not you like football, watching the Super Bowl is fun. But I find it hard that people don’t like football.

I mean, in the words of the great Jason Street #6:

Kid: Mr. Street, do you think God loves football?
Jason: I think that everybody loves football.


Faces Wallpaper

It’s the season of monsters and masks and creatures and pretty much everything spooky, and so I made this wallpaper. It’s just three spooky faces to keep your desktop or iPhone or iPad scary. It’s dark, but so are my feelings. xGothx.

Download the desktop version here, the iPhone version here, and the iPad version here.

Penmanship show

I was asked to be a part of the Penmanship show at Vox Populi, something curated by the very talented Grayhood, Mikey Burton, & Elysse Ricci, which was subsequently a kick off to the Design Philadelphia week, which I also had the chance to do some posters for. Needless to say, I was excited to be a part of the excitement!

The theme for this show was “penmanship”, and one of the only things I had to work from was this quote:

“A man’s penmanship is an unfailing index of his character, moral and mental, and a criterion by which to judge his peculiarities of taste and sentiments.”
—Philip Dormer Stanhope, Man of Letters

Because of the freedom and looseness to the theme, it left me at a loss for quite a bit. I sketched and sketched which sadly only resulted in failing ideas. I finally revisited the quote and looked outside of the quotations for some inspiration. I imagined what it would be like if there was a club or society called “Men Of Letters.” This took me in a new direction and it brought me to where I ended up. I wanted it to be representative of the act of making lines to form the letters of the alphabet, but also then the idea of taking those letters to form words, and those words to compose letters that you send in the mail.

It was really beautiful to see all the posters hanging together, knowing everyone put some serious thought into how they would represent this idea. For having some many designers take part in this, there was an obvious variety to the work, but also and impressively, a synthesis to everything. The show will be up until the 23rd, and I strongly suggest trying to make it out. I’m also hearing rumors of a closing show??? I’ll let you know if that’s happening. Probably though twitter.

It was also awesome to finally meet some people who’s work I’ve been following and admiring for some time and find out that they are regular people. Okay, some are super humans. But they still occasionally participate in some normal human activities.

(Photo courtesy of  Jim Viola.)

River City Extension at The Stone Pony 2011 poster

I was fortunate enough to have another to opportunity to make a poster for one of my favorite bands, River City Extension. They’ve sort of made it annual thing to come home and play a show at The Stone pony once a year and it’s been falling on the eve of Thanksgiving, and it’s become something that a lot of people, myself included, look forward to. Joe had shared with me his vision of making this show something people would dress up really nicely for .”Something like a wedding invitation” he told me. Not that this is like a typical wedding invitation, but that was the jumping point.

I started by sketching out a few quick ideas, and when I found the one I wanted to run with, I went into illustrator and started making it happen. I don’t normally post the beginnings of things, but I’d like to start, and no better example than this one.

Definitely proof that knowing what you want to do before you start doing it ALWAYS helps. And it’s sort of funny that things really didn’t end up too far from the original sketch.

Hope to see some of you at the show, wearing something sharp, of course. Get your tickets early, these guys have a bad habit of selling out. Also, rumor has it there will be a few of these posters at the show if you’re looking to pick one up.

Part Time Studios BBQ Themed T-Shirt Show

Doing group shows in general is always fun, let alone those with a theme set to them. Let alone when the theme is BBQ! And all of those things are happening together at Part Time Studios with this T-Shirt show opening on July 1st.

Gulden’s mustard is the best in the world (deal with it Grey Poupon), and although I certainly don’t limit my use of it to strictly barbecues, it’s absolutely a staple to any decent BBQ spread. I changed the spelling to match my own name, because artists can do whatever they want. Actually just because I love puns. Does that qualify as a pun? Who knows, I just did it.

These shirts are going to be a very limited run, so if you’re trying to walk around with mustard on your shirt in a non slob way, make sure you pick one up.

Nom Now Nautical Wallpaper

It’s been  a while since I made a wallpaper, and we do have a little thang goin’ on with AroundPhilly.com, so I decided it was time to make something crispy for yall. This was nautically inspired, and more so, made up of symbols I’d like to see on some “go to hell” pants.

The above is for your desktop, and the below would be some screens for your iPhone. Hope you enjoy!

Music Monday 5.24.10 – 5.16.11

Well, it’s been a full year of doing these little old Music Monday posts. I started making posters for my “most listened to artist for the week (according to last.fm)” one year ago, and for 52 weeks have made something every Monday. I decided to make a collage of the work, much as I did the last time. It’s nice to see everything all next to each other and see how I evolved, or what waves of style I went though, or better, the waves of music I had interest in.
However, I think this is going to be the end of Music Monday if not forever then at least for a while. I sort of like doing things with a definitive start and end, and a year is a pretty good time to round things out. It’s been great, but I don’t want to be locked down to doing this anymore on a week to week basis. There’s many more projects I’ll probably work myself into, and I’m excited to do something completely different. Or maybe something terribly similar. Who knows.

Music Monday 5.16.11 U.S. Royalty

I discovered U.S. Royalty a few months ago and have been listening to them pretty steadily since. Their album Mirrors is a very impressive debut from these D.C. dudes, and I would certainly recommend checking it out. They also have served as the soundtrack to a few of the Gant Rugger seasonal look book videos, which are amazing in their own right. Check out the summer one here. Really great examples of how music and imagery can make a product exciting. You don’t know that you want the clothes as much as you want to be those people. I guess they are doing a perfect job at advertising in that sense. Anyway, I think U.S. Royalty was a perfect choice for the videos.

4.25.11 Lupe Fiasco

Sadly, two weeks ago my cousin’s boyfriend died from complications during a bone marrow transplant, after years of battling sickle cell anemia. Words really cannot describe the devastation this brings to everyone who knew either of them. Lateef, you will be missed and your spirit and essence will live on.
At his memorial, Emily told me that if I wanted to know and understand Lateef further, I should listen to Lupe Fiasco’s new album Lasers, which she described as just being “him.” Lupe was his favorite artist and he never got to hear the new album. I love so much that music has the ability to powerfully become a representation of a time or place, and in this case a person. I was excited and honored to be able to listen to Lasers for this very reason. In this sense, the album is remarkable and was absolutely insightful in understanding who Lateef was.
It’s hard to find the right things to say. Whether that be in trying show comfort, or trying to express your own pain, things can become too difficult to put into words. Music has the incredible ability to sometimes just do all of that for you. How amazing it is that this album be so closely knit to a person who should never be forgotten. Take a few minutes and listen to the albums closing track, Never Forget You.

Music Monday 4.18.11 Wye Oak

I finally got the chance to see Wye Oak this weekend when they played in Philly with my friends in Secret Mountains. They’ve been a band that’s been continuously growing on me, to the point now where I’m pretty obsessed. Jenn not only has an incredible voice, but also shreds on guitar. Seriously, they rocked and if you get the chance to see them, do it, one of the best shows I’ve seen in a while. They’re really putting a lot of two pieces to shame, not that they’re trying; everything seems extremely effortless.
Their new album Civilian is a an absolute must have for 2011. Possibly my favorite record of the year so far. So take that as you will.

The idea for this poster was entirely influenced by Kirby’s obsessions with finger spelling and sign language.

Music Monday 4.11.11 Sharon Van Etten

I got really into Sharon Van Etten this week. She’s got one of the prettiest voices going right now, and it was putting me in a bit of trance throughout the week. If you’ve never listened to her, please listen, she’s definitely one of those people who once you start listening you feel like you’ve been missing out all along. Like I said, just one of the most calming voices. Unique in her own way without being obnoxiously strange or anything. Just very good.

I did my best to make this poster look like how I feel she sounds. I hate both of her albums’ cover art, because I feel like aside from being dated (and not in a cool way) it so unrepresentative of how she sounds. That always bothers me.

Brick + Mortar Asbury Lanes Gig Poster

The guys from Brick + Mortar asked me to make a poster for their show next month at the always fun Asbury Lanes. For those of you who don’t know, B+M are a two piece band whose music can accurately be described as indescribable. One of the few bands who you can say don’t fit into a genre and not have that be a lame attempt to make a band sound more interesting than they really are. Brick + Mortar are in fact on of the most interesting and talented bands I’ve seen. And Asbury Lanes, of course, is an old bowling alley converted to do shows. The stage is actually right on top of the lanes. Definitely the coolest Asbury venue.

The start of baseball season and the vibe of the retro venue both played parts in the creation of this poster.

Wye Oak, Callers, Secret Mountains Gig Poster

Jeff asked me if would be interested in making a poster for their upcoming show in Philly with Wye Oak. And that answer will forever be yes. So here is the result of that. This is looking like it could be the show of the year thus far, so I’d really make an effort to be there if you can. This will be my first time seeing Wye Oak, for which I’m very excited and cmon, Secret Mountains are never a let down. See you there.

Music Monday 3.28.11 Danielson

In past week I’ve had a series of some very curious occurrences dealing with a band I’ve been trying to fully grasp for years now, Danielson. Ever since I’ve found out that Daniel is from the area I’m living, I’ve been hoping for Danielson to put on some sort of show in town. And this past Thursday, I nearly got the chance to see that.  It turns out that Kirby’s friend’s husband is in the band. Which is unbelievable. So anyway, I hear (at the last moment) that this show is happening, but by the time I get there, it’s looking like I just missed it. This is confirmed when I walk in and ask the person closest to the door I entered, who turns out to be Kirby’s friend!? Even more unbelievable. So I got to meet her and her husband Andy, and we talked for a little bit, and he filled me in on the latest and greatest of Danielson. Not the least of which being their new album Best Of Gloucester County. Which rules. It’s been 5 years since the last Danielson album and this all just seemed to come at a perfect time. I have been reminded why I love this band. Another perfectly strange but completely awesome album from the mind of Daniel Smith. They are playing at Johnny Brenda’s on April 17th if you’re interested, I’ll be there.

This poster gave me some trouble for a little bit. I spent a lot of time reworking a lot of things, but I’m glad it finally got resolved. Sometimes everything  just doesn’t come to you on the first shot. And being able to work around that is important. Plus, figuring out how something works is rewarding in the same way doing a puzzle is. Hope you dig, and check out the new album, for real.

Nom Now Poster & Wallpaper

I hadn’t made something that was solely Nom Now focused for a little while. So I started working on this poster last week and finished it up last night. And because I love you all so much I made a wallpaper version as well. If you’re looking at this and thinking you’d like it in a size that I don’t have up here, let me know, a re-size is just a few clicks away. Enjoy!

Music Monday 3.21.11 Delicate Steve

Delicate Steve was the opening act for Akron/Family when I caught them at The Blockley in Philly a few weeks ago, and they totally impressed me. More often than not you’re sort of hoping the openers will just shuffle along quickly and quietly so you can see the band you came to see, but Delicate Steve wound up not being one of those bands at all.

I hate to admit, but the name was making me think they were a jam band or something, and that wasn’t really thrilling me, but it took not more than a minute to realize that was  incorrect, and even more so, they were one of the most unique and refreshing sounding bands I’d heard in a while, opener or not. After the show I immediately downloaded their full length Wondervisions, and I’d strongly suggest you do the same. I’ve been listening to this album pretty much non-stop all week, and I bet you’ll do the same.

The idea for this poster came from my favorite song on the album, Butterfly. The slide guitar on the song is so unbelievably good, that every time I listen to it, as soon as the song is over I just want to listen to it again. They have an amazing video for it, and it should be watched now.

I also found myself (like many of you, I’m sure) checking out the new album from The Strokes, Angles. I’ll be the first to admit I forgot The Strokes were a band, but there’s no doubt these guys are as cool as cool gets, and even though this album sounds different than some of their older stuff, it’s still good. However, the album art is pretty bad, which sucks because all of their other album covers have been great. This comes out tomorrow, so you have the rest of today to be a cool guy and get it a day early.

127 Hours Poster

I finally got to see 127 Hours this weekend, and after I did, I thought it would be good to make something in regards to it. Not that this movie poster was in need of a redesign, the one it had was actually really great, but I just wanted to make one in my own style.

If you haven’t seen this movie, make a point to catch it at some point, James Franco is great in it. The movie’s pretty difficult to watch at some parts, and the fact that this is based on a true story makes it even more so.

There’s a very distinct color scheme in the movie which I hope to have captured with this.

Music Monday 3.14.11 mewithoutYou

This week I reconnected with one of my favorite bands of all time, mewithoutYou. There was a time in my life when there wouldn’t have even been opportunity for a reconnection, because I’m pretty sure I was listening to them non stop for about 5 years. For those unfamiliar, mewithoutYou were one of the most absolute wild live shows among any band, and I’m willing to extend that to ever. There was an energy at their shows that I’ve yet to see matched. It was pure excitement from everyone involved. Some could argue this is still true. However, over the past years, and with the band getting older, they’ve slowed things down (in every which way) and progressively shed their early skins to become something so different from their first full length, you’d have to assume it was a different band. Which, believe me, I’m really not trying to gripe about the fact that they did this, especially given the quality of the stuff they’ve put out, but I’ve come to the sad realization that I just don’t like the stuff they are doing now as much as the earlier albums. And it pains me to say that. At one point I remember feeling genuinely sad that one day mewithouYou wouldn’t be a band anymore. Now, maybe they put out one more album, maybe they don’t but it doesn’t matter because nothing they do is going to be the magic that happened between A to B Life and Catch For Us The Foxes. Again, I really do like their latest two albums Brother, Sister and It’s All Crazy…, and had those been how they were introduced to me, I would probably not find myself in the place I’m in now. But it’s almost heartbreaking to feel so numb about a band who you’ve followed since their inception.

SO, I’m making my best efforts to realize that there is still so much magic and energy left in this band, and I never want to write them off because even the songs I like the least contain something most other bands are still trying to capture. There’s nothing feign about this band. Just a group of guys who see this world different than most everyone else, and oh, they’re also in a band. For everyone who got to spend 2002/2003 watching Aaron bounce of the walls, or shamefully trying to have a conversation with Mike online, counting how many coats Dan Pishock had, or making your own band that was a direct rip off of them, you know we’ve seen the glory days. But maybe that’s okay right?