Faces Wallpaper

It’s the season of monsters and masks and creatures and pretty much everything spooky, and so I made this wallpaper. It’s just three spooky faces to keep your desktop or iPhone or iPad scary. It’s dark, but so are my feelings. xGothx.

Download the desktop version here, the iPhone version here, and the iPad version here.

A Weekend Twenty: Russo’s Orchard

This past weekend was my Dad’s 50th birthday. Sort of. Technically his birthday is this Thursday but to make things work we surprised him by coming home for the weekend and got to spend some really nice time together. Saturday we went to Russo’s orchard to do some very important October things. I think of all the seasonal changes, Summer turning into Fall feels the best.

Anyway, this was a really great weekend with my family. Happy Birthday Dad.

iPad and iPhone Wallpaper

So my good friend and all around tech-savvy guy, James Ramirez, asked me to make a wallpaper for his new iPad, and his old now seemingly less cool iPhone. I was up for that challenge. Now, the interesting thing about the iPad wallpaper is the because the iPad operates both horizontally and vertically, the wallpaper rotates to accommodate how it is you’re holding it. So it’s a square layout, but that’s so it can be of service in both ways. For any of you already have your hands on an iPad, or for the larger mass of of you using an iPhone, feel free to use these.

James actually just sent me a photo of this actually on the iPad! Feeling so futuristic right now.