Super Bowl XLVII


This was a pretty weird year for football, although in recent times it seems you could say that every year. We had two of the biggest rookie quarterbacks of all time to come into the league in the same draft, taken 1 and 2 overall, and both finish the season by taking non-playoff teams into the playoffs. We had replacement refs officiating the first few games of the season, which went so badly that the only reason the real refs came back when they did was because they were blowing it on a weekly basis. We had the pistol office dominate the league in a way no one could have predicted, leaving analysts (and the rest of us) to wonder if a mobile quarterback who can run as well as any running back is the future of the NFL. Peyton Manning came back as good as ever, Adrian Peterson came within 9 yards of breaking the single season rushing yards record, Calvin Johnson broke the single season receiving yards record… to name just a few remarkable things. A lot happened.

But perhaps most amazing thing, and fitting by where we lie, is that the two teams left standing have some of the most compelling stories. We have the brothers Harbaugh facing off as rival coaches in probably the biggest football games of their lives. Both of whom made it to their respective conference championship games last year but failed to push past to make it to the Super Bowl. If that alone isn’t heart warming, go watch Friday Night Lights and soften your attitude towards football.

On the John Harbaugh side of things are the Baltimore Ravens. Ray Lewis’ Baltimore Ravens. Ray Lewis who announced this was his last year earlier this season, Ray Lewis. I’m not a fan of his – or the Ravens – but you cannot deny his greatness or his impact on this organization over his long career. It’s a pretty special thing for anyone to go out on top, and the fact that we get to see someone of his caliber compete for that is pretty cool. There is also the Joe Flacco aspect of this. He can’t seem to ever get no respect. Not like the Bradys, the Mannings, the Breeses… Because they all have rings and Flacco just looks like Sam The Eagle. I’m not a huge believer in Flacco but he has turned it on this post-season and it’s a chance for him to prove himself.

On the Jim Harbaugh side are the San Francisco 49ers. A team I like a lot, and the team I’ll be rooting for. The biggest and best story about them this year is the choice that Jim Harbaugh made to replace Alex Smith as QB1 with second year (but essential rookie) back up, Colin Kaepernick. Not that Alex Smith is Aaron Rogers, but at the time he had fantastic numbers and one of if not the highest QB ratings in the NFL, and there was no reason for him to be replaced other than the fact the Kaepernick came in and was doing well and Harbaugh felt he had a higher ceiling. He took the risk and as we all know, he has completely torn everything up while looking like the most dangerous player in the NFL, it paid off. What a story for him, Harbaugh, and the team if they win. The Super Bowl will be the 10th game he’s started. Ever.

Football is cool, bro.

Also, because I put so much effort in talking about sports and none in talking about design, (because who cares, right?) here is the sketch that wound up driving this.


Wye Oak, Callers, Secret Mountains Gig Poster

Jeff asked me if would be interested in making a poster for their upcoming show in Philly with Wye Oak. And that answer will forever be yes. So here is the result of that. This is looking like it could be the show of the year thus far, so I’d really make an effort to be there if you can. This will be my first time seeing Wye Oak, for which I’m very excited and cmon, Secret Mountains are never a let down. See you there.

Music Monday 9.27.10 Secret Mountains

When listening to Secret Mountains I often have to ask myself “Is this my favorite band”? The question itself is more indicative of how good they are then any answer could be. However, the answer could easily be “yes.” I’ve watched this group grow from one lonely guy, to a 2 piece, to a three piece, and so and so forth. They are certainly in their strongest stride to date working with a 6 piece line-up for a over a year now. One of the most interesting and charming bands to see live, now working with 2 of the best EPs from a band of their stature I can think of. Their newest, Rejoice, caught my ear this week, and it demanded multiple listens back to back to back to back. Despite how good their first EP, Kaddish, is, this yet again ups the game. Joe Michelini of River City Extension just recently said this band was “effortlessly cool.” I can’t think of a better way to describe them. Beautiful music from beautiful people, and aside from The Wire, the best thing Baltimore has to offer.

This is a band who you would literally be a fool to not check out. Live or recordings, there is so much being offered and all you have to do is rejoice, and take it in.

The King Stay The King

Most of you probably already know, I am huge fan of The Wire.  I started watching the show because I wanted to watch something that was going to be as good as The Sopranos was, and what I got was something that was even better. In fact, better than any TV show I’d ever seen, or have seen since. Arrested Development comes close, and they hard to compare because they are so different, but honestly, nothing touches The Wire.

There is one now famous scene where D’Angelo Barksdale is explaining the game of chess to Bodie and Wallace after he catches them trying to plass checkers with the game pieces. He goes though all the players, which each are paralleled to some player of “The Game”, the game of the street. When asked how you become the king, D’Angelo replies “It ain’t like that. See, the king stay the king, a’ight? Everything stay who he is.” Watch the scene here.

The design of the poster comes from the ubiquitous British WW2 poster “Keep Calm  And Carry On.” Mock-offs of that poster are pretty much every where, good, bad, and ugly. But because of my love for both this poster and that quote, they seemed like a perfect match for each other. Fans of either will hopefully agree.

I’ve got a whole ton of these posters, 18 x 24, and if anyone is interested, just hit me up!