Super Bowl XLVI


The Super Bowl. A game where people come together to watch their favorite team beat the other guy. Or watch a team they like beat a team they don’t like. Or in my case, watch two teams they don’t like play a rematch of a Super Bowl game that happened just four years ago. Yeah, the New York Giants vs the New England Patriots. It’s not ideal, it’s pretty far from it… I actually can’t think of a worse possible outcome, but regardless, I’ll be watching. And hopefully before game time I can be nudged centimeters to one side or the other so I can root for someone.

I’ve made it a habit of making posters for the Super Bowl for the past few years, and so I did again this year. Whether or not you like football, watching the Super Bowl is fun. But I find it hard that people don’t like football.

I mean, in the words of the great Jason Street #6:

Kid: Mr. Street, do you think God loves football?
Jason: I think that everybody loves football.



Champlain Sunset

The idea for this just came to me one day. I don’t know where or why, but the way it looks now just entered my head, and I finally made it. I like when that happens. Mike and I saw the movie Art & Copy a few months ago and one part that I really just loved was when they talked about how creative people don’t know where their ideas come from, they just arrive. It’s really a blessing.

I know it’s impossible to tell, but the photo is the sunset at Lake Champlain in January of 2009. I took it while crossing the lake from Vermont to New York on a ferry with Ian, Jeff, and John.