Somerdale Road, Voorhees, Philadelphia.

I promised more roads, and so here is another. Somerdale is the road I take to work everyday. There’s plenty of red lights, and a lot to look at. It’s a long and windy road, and the sun seems to always be setting or rising while I’m on it.

The next is a picture I took when I was leaving work on Thursday. As much as I love being at work, there’s nothing better then going home after a long day, and this scene was doing me right.
Today Mike and I went into the city to meet our friend Leighton for lunch. This guy has the funniest most unbelievable stories I’ve ever heard. After that we put up a few Fresh stickers and went to IKEA, this picture was taken on the way there.

The Day The Star Went Dark

Yesterday was a wild downpour. It got so heavy that the power flickered off and on at work. A few hours later it was getting worse and the power  just wound up shutting off all together.The first set of pictures is Mike Smith hard at work, and the text is a bit of advice you can give to someone to do a job you yourself don’t wish to.

The panoramic photo was taken during the power outage. It was weird to see a place that is always so bright and lively in pretty much the exact opposite state. The rain on the roof of the building sounds like someone pushing the loudest cart of rattling tins down the longest hall.

Again, these are all larger then how they appear, so click to enjoy in full size.