Music Monday 4.12.10

Still heavily feeling Cymbals Eat Guitars.

Bonnie “Prince” Billy & The Cairo Gang did me right throughout the week. It amazes me that he is capable of writing so many songs, doing some many collaborations and keeping it fresh all along the way. He’s a magic man.

Last Friday I had the pleasure to catch Truman Peyote in a basement. They quickly exceeded me expectations. They are kind of a more human Animal Collective. Some of their record is a bit too noisy for me, but their New Wife, New Life is just too good. I listened to that on repeat because I literally could not get enough of it. Check that song out right now, and if you can catch them live, do so, it’s a dance fever.

I finally got into Alex Bleeker and the Freaks this week. Upon first listen I thought it just sounded like a few guys jamming in a garage, which I didn’t care for. But maybe I just listening to the music at too low a volume, because upon revisiting, and turning it up a bit, this was exactly what I was looking to hear. Not as good as Real Estate, but still good.

Listened to Dinosaur Jr. for pretty much the first time ever time this week. I feel like I’ve heard so many people talk about or reference this band in the past year or so, that I wanted to finally understand what that was all about. Some songs are awesome and sound like they could have been put out this year. Others sound dated, not necessarily in a bad way, but it is indeed very 90s. Sometimes it also sounds like Eddie Vedder is singing. If that’s your thing.

Ramona Falls is the solo project of the dude from Menomena, who I haven’t yet heard, but have been told I would like. It’s pretty decent, as you can tell I didn’t listen to much, but what I did hear was alright. I don’t want to say too much because I really don’t have the right too say anything at this point. I’ll be giving this some more time.

Sun Araw is certainly the strange pick for this week. A cross breed of dub and chill wave and who knows what else, this is some lo-fi music to relax to. I honestly feel like the time I spent listening to this was kind of a blur. All the songs are super long and wind you up in a weird cocoon of fuzz. If you’re feeling wild, give it a shot. Also, backwards this bands name spells out War Anus. I tried to figure out if it was intentional or not, and couldn’t. Either way, I like it a bit more because of that. friends dude.