Live Free Or Die

Happy 4th of July weekend everyone! I’ve been feeling very inspired by hand painted signage and all things Americana lately, and this weekend was a perfect time to try to incorporate both of those things into something. I’m definitely not the type of person who believes that just because we live in America we are inherently better than anyone else or worth anything more. I’ve come to look at the phrase “God Bless America” with disdain because there’s a whole rest of the world that needs a blessing as well. Sometimes this kind of patriotism just rubs me the wrong way.
However, I do recognize that America is a great country where you are (for the most part) free to be who you are and do what you like. The areas where I feel we are behind are constantly moving forward, and that stuff makes me proud. New Hampshire’s “Live Free Or Die” is my favorite state motto because of it’s simplicity, directness, and truth. Living free is the only way to live. Now go shoot off a few fire crackers before the weekend is done. But be safe, it’s live free OR die, not live free AND die.


And Where Did You Come From?

In regards to the Arizona Immigration Law…
It’s pretty mind boggling that is actually happening. I’m ashamed by the regression of our country through this bill, so I wanted to flip this around and ask a question to the people who are afraid of immigration. We’re here because our ancestors came and stole the land from the indigenous people who were living here. Now, if that isn’t an illegal immigrant, I don’t what is.

This new bill is opening the door for legal racial profiling and is absolutely a step backwards in history.

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