And Where Did You Come From?

In regards to the Arizona Immigration Law…
It’s pretty mind boggling that is actually happening. I’m ashamed by the regression of our country through this bill, so I wanted to flip this around and ask a question to the people who are afraid of immigration. We’re here because our ancestors came and stole the land from the indigenous people who were living here. Now, if that isn’t an illegal immigrant, I don’t what is.

This new bill is opening the door for legal racial profiling and is absolutely a step backwards in history.

Agree? Disagree? Feel free to leave a comment.


One thought on “And Where Did You Come From?

  1. First of all I agree completely. Secondly I really like the effect here with the overlapping photos, I’ve noticed that a lot in your work, and I think this is a very successful use. Thirdly I really like the phrase itself, especially with the emphasis added.

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