Well, how far?

I continue to be inspired by the Nom Now movement, and I hope that many of you are as well. This is a wallpaper for anyone who’s interested, just click the photo and it will give you the big boy size.
Continue making the world!

Julius Various

It’s been a long while, and I want to show some stuff that I did over the past few weeks, that slipped through the cracks and never got put up anywhere.

I made this poster for my friend Amy Fread for her birthday.

My friends from Black Churches asked me to help them out with a design for their new EP cover. I was happy to do so. The album was actually released today. Don’t be a dope, just listen to them.

The printed version was done up by Radish White Ice Design.

And lastly, here’s a Nom Now idea I had a while ago that I just forgot about until now.

I promise I’ll have more stuff up soon.