Sitting Bull

I made this for a show I did last year of all portraits. This was pre-Nom Now days, so in the spaces where I could have repped that, I gave it to BCDQ and Sons Of Longley. That ain’t bad though!

In some odd turn of events, this never made it onto the internet until now, so I wanted to show it to whoever is looking.
Anyway, Native Americans are so cool, and I want to do more stuff involving them.

Somerdale Road, Voorhees, Philadelphia.

I promised more roads, and so here is another. Somerdale is the road I take to work everyday. There’s plenty of red lights, and a lot to look at. It’s a long and windy road, and the sun seems to always be setting or rising while I’m on it.

The next is a picture I took when I was leaving work on Thursday. As much as I love being at work, there’s nothing better then going home after a long day, and this scene was doing me right.
Today Mike and I went into the city to meet our friend Leighton for lunch. This guy has the funniest most unbelievable stories I’ve ever heard. After that we put up a few Fresh stickers and went to IKEA, this picture was taken on the way there.