Music Monday 5.3.10 was being a little jerky boy this week and it carried over some artists from last week, so I just cut it down to six.

I got very into Harlem this week. I had heard a few songs a while back and dismissed them, and then kind of put them in the back of my mind. But this week I re-listened and I wondered why it didn’t click the first time. So many catchy songs, so many catchy melodies, and just an over all recklessness that you can’t help but love. Gay Human Bones is such a good song title, and song.

I somewhat strangely got into an Eminem cyclone this week and literally could not get enough. It all started when I heard a new track which is being billed as a freestyle (which i doubt it is, because it’s just too good….but even if it’s not, wowwwwww), and I was blown away. He honestly is probably the best rapper of our time, and despite all his crudeness and controversy, he’s phenomenal at putting words together. Take a moment and listen to this new one Despicable or this older one tearing up Mariah Carey.

I realized I didn’t have Vetiver’s More Of The Past so I grabbed that and loved it, and did as I do anytime I listen to one of their albums, listen to all of the others. They are one of the best bands going right now and I think will be looked back on with the same favor as bands like The Band.

I experienced some extreme TIME WARP going back to summer 2005 with Mates Of State. I’m not sure what propelled me to download Team Boo but I did, and seriously started to physically feel strange because of how nostalgic it was. Music seems to be able to do this like nothing else. And you know what? Mates Of State is actually decent and I didn’t mind listening to it.

I gave Girls a listen a few months ago, but I didn’t give them a fair enough chance. I tried to, but his voice sounded really corny and strained at times. However, I really like their song Laura, and this week I finally got into the rest of the album a bit more. I saw this make a lot of “Best Of” lists, and I don’t know if I’d put it in the same place, but for the most part it ain’t bad. Saint Bad.

And finally I was still hanging out with Shugo Tokumaru some more. I mean, take this as a cue to give this guy a listen.

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