Part Time Studios BBQ Themed T-Shirt Show

Doing group shows in general is always fun, let alone those with a theme set to them. Let alone when the theme is BBQ! And all of those things are happening together at Part Time Studios with this T-Shirt show opening on July 1st.

Gulden’s mustard is the best in the world (deal with it Grey Poupon), and although I certainly don’t limit my use of it to strictly barbecues, it’s absolutely a staple to any decent BBQ spread. I changed the spelling to match my own name, because artists can do whatever they want. Actually just because I love puns. Does that qualify as a pun? Who knows, I just did it.

These shirts are going to be a very limited run, so if you’re trying to walk around with mustard on your shirt in a non slob way, make sure you pick one up.


Michael J. Ritacco, Fraud & Corruption

Many of you already know who Michael Ritacco is, and are quite familiar with his latest brush with the law. For those of you who don’t, he’s the superintendent of the Toms River Regional Board of Education. In other words, he’s the biggest name in all of Toms River regional schools.

A few days ago his house was raided by both the FBI and the IRS for what we are told is part of an investigation for corruption. This honestly comes as no surprise, and raises more of an “it’s about time” reaction. I know that coming from the perspective of students, parents, and teachers, Ritacco often came off as pompous to say the least. He’s the kind of guy who has an enormous building, that became the centerpiece of the school district, built and named after himself, but can’t provide new books to the high schools. Looking for a few more kickers? In addition to his wife, he’s got a girlfriend…her house was also searched. And oh yeah…that guy Chris Christie? They’re pals.

I found it so fitting how “Michael J. Ritacco” and “Fraud & Corruption” went so hand in hand, both as words and an in real life, that I wanted to make something to show that one was just an extension of the other. Feel free to post this wherever.

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River City Extension And The Unmistakable Man

Wow. It’s been a long few months since taking on the project of designing the new River City Extension album The Unmistakable Man. Let me tell you, that nothing has made me happier than to be given the opportunity to work on this album. Aside from it being a designer’s dream to be able to take on such a healthy sized project, the band is by far one of the greatest bands going right now, and to be affiliated with them in any way is so awesome. This record is going to send them into a stratosphere beyond belief and I’m so glad to be a part of it.
The Unmistakable Man comes out courtesy of XOXO Records on May 11th. If you’re familiar with RCE, or if you’ve heard nauticalsabbatical you know what this band is capable of. Sort of. This new one blows the roof of the whatever house you tried to put them in. This is the album to be excited for. Right now, they are selling advance copies at out of state shows, so if you can catch them out of NJ, pick up an album!
I went to see them last night in Philly where as usual, they wowed me. I also finally got to see the record in person as well as the “skull with mutton-chops” shirt I got to design for them. It’s so great to see something you created come to life, and I couldn’t be happier with the whole record.