Chris Christie Sucks

Chris Christie’s views on the education system are detrimental to the future of our teachers and students. Show your defiance by posting this wherever you see fit!


25 thoughts on “Chris Christie Sucks

  1. I am so glad to hear that Christie doesn’t want NJ to rank high in tax burdens. It is a shame that he doesn’t care that NJ children will suffer. I have heard that extra curricular programs will be cut, teachers will be laid off and class sizes will double. Thank you Gov. Christie for caring so much about the future of our state. I am sure however that the politicians in NJ will not have a spending cuts.

  2. Chris Christie thinks he is doing good but in fact he is hurting so many people and he doesn’t care. He really doesn’t care about the NJ Education System at all. Get him out of office ASAP.

  3. I work for EPS and our techology pieces are not being serviced because the budgets are being cut, which means computers , monitors, and printers can’t be fixed. How are we supposed to work now that mostly everything is online or uses techology to operate whoch greatly benefits the students. IMPEACH HIM! SPREAD THE WORD!

    • Feel free to print this out and bring it to your school. I will also work on an “Impeach Christie” poster for those who feel this may be to crass for a school environment.

  4. this freaking chris christie is ruining the student’s lives!!! I’m a middle school student, currently in 7th grade. Im gonna be in 8th grade next year which will suck because of budget cuts. No middle school sports, no art, orchestra, or band, NO ANYTHING FUN!!!!

  5. The cake walk is over, Teachers have been milking the Tax Payers for to long.
    Once about a time American Students tested better than any other Students in the World. Now America does about the same as Lithuania. Schools are Not daycares!

    • You forgot the second o in too (milking the Tax Payers for too long). You are obviously a victim of our failing education system.

  6. This guy… taking money from NJ… he pisses me off so badly. He deserves to cut his pay instead of cutting off funding for everything else… But I don’t entirely blame him, my school wasted a LOT of money on useless things when we got Smartboards, no teachers used them. When we got automatic hand sanitizers, they ran out within a month and were never refilled. We can’t buy even TISSUES. Yesterday I used the last one, and now my Language Arts teacher is forcing us to write a letter/ essay on why you think that the Governor sucks… hope she gets fired, but I agree with her! I live in a small, humble town that’s already poor, now we have no funding for baseball,basketball, football or any other sport, we’re cutting Italian, cutting some other programs maybe, and this fat ass is sitting there, going around taking people’s money, even teacher’s money from their pension!! What angers me more is that my Language Arts teacher keeps complaining about it SOOOO much….!!!

  7. I hate him. Now, one of my best friends can’t have all the sports she’s been a part of just because of this jerk. School should be more than academics. I am a 7th grade student and this guy is the worst governor we’ve ever had. The students are kids. We’re the freaking FUTURE, and soon we’ll hardly have anything left of our educations.

  8. Thanks to Christie, I will not have a job come September. After years of hard work at school to become a teacher, I know have to sit back and watch as the state with the BEST public school system in the country is torn to shreds. I sure as hell miss Corzine now.

  9. Apparently, Christie wants to cut everything except his lunch menu and the number of people working for him making over $100,000/year, which is DOUBLE the number who worked for Corzine.

    If the Tea Party can try to recall Senator Mendez, why not recall this totally out of touch bozo in Trenton?

  10. because of christie it looks like im not going to get my full time custodian position thanks for putting me out of a job asshole

  11. I think if Governor Christie went on a diet and took that money and put it back into the school system the state wouldn’t have to cut anyones pension. No one that fat should tell anyone that they are being greedy. I hope he chokes on a pork chop and dies. The first place the State of NJ should be taking money from is not teachers, it should be the politicians who don’t know how to take care of anyone but their campaign contributors. What about the $300 million he lost in federal aid because his staff couldn’t fill out paperwork correctly. That was such a disgrace. He is responsible for that, no one else.

  12. Chris Christie has done nothing but damage to our system. He says that he can help benefit us from the recession, but all he’s doing is making it worse. With a lesser budget for education, children and teenagers will not be able to make a living in their future. If he thinks that budget cuts will simply make problems go away, think again. What he should do instead is cut down the number of high/upper class families. I’ve seen hundreds and hundreds of mansions with at least an acre of land. It’s ridiculous how people are using the economy for their own selfish benefits.

  13. I’m a Jersey boy born and raised and can’t find work anyplace. What the hell happened to this state? I remember you could drive around any industrial complex and there were help wanted signs all over. Now they say the unemployment rate is 9% that’s a lot of bullshit !! What about the people that are not counted in their idiot survey. All politicians suck …….

  14. Look at Gov christie’s investments!

    He’s underfunding prisons maintenance while investing in private party prison operations. He and his kids are all Catholic school students. He wants a billion in vouchers for the catholic schools, while cutting a billion from public schools.

    As taxpayers, we are only required to provide a public schools system. The private schools have NO accountability, the diocese closes them without consulting us after we pumped millions into their buses and compters, and their teachers are not even required to have NJ certifications…

  15. I’ve worked for this state for 17 years. It wasn’t long ago that New Jersey had one of the ten best pensions in the country and that was without the governors putting in they’re portion. Then they raided, hell lets just call it what it is, stole money from the pension fund that was never returned and now say it’s under funded. Now i get to pay back what they stole while they tell the public that it’s the state workers fault for all they’re problems. How can we expect a bunch of millionaires, and thats what all politicians are is millionaires, to look out for our best interest. We need to start over and the best place to do that would be to vote out everyone

  16. We need to cut the budget by taking away benefits to all politics who got us in this mess. All the money they have brought in over the years went to waste and there solution is to print more money… Mean while teachers who are teaching kids to not F# this up down the road will be affected… NJ might have a great school system but other countries are far more advanced with there schools and that is the reason we dont manufactor anything in this country anymore… These decisions that put us in this spot should be the people who suffer, not the teachers who get paid sh#t and get treated like trash by the kids day in and day out… The only people who will want to become teachers will be people who have nothing else going for themselves and the quality of teaching will drop to an all time low for YEARS to come until this is fixed… I wanted to marry a teacher to get the benefits, lol… They dont make much money, but that was a great reason to teach… They should cut more positions at the top, like all the members that report to the super intendant that are not principals… What really does a super int. have to do that he needs a personal staff that makes the money they make? Teachers also have to buy a lot of there own stuff for the kids out of pocket, the people who make the big bucks are not going to be affective, but if they were gone, they would not be missed… If quality teachers move out of the state, I will not want my kids going to these schools…

  17. I feel bad for the older teachers who went to school to become teachers and worked all these years knowing they would be set up down the road… The teachers need a stronger union with a team a lawyers to fight back… The people who think Christie is doing great are the ones that are not affected… Once he finishes up with the teachers hopefully he moves to cut things from the people cheering for him saying he is doing great, then when the majority says that is fine, they will see how this feels… After we get rid of all the schools, they will have the same stupid look on there face as there kids when it happens to them (since the kids wont be educated)…

    When Christie posts what he is doing the the teachers, he should also post the increased pay for him and his staff on the chart right next the teachers budget cuts…

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