From Awesome To Awful

Sorry things have been so inactive here for the past two weeks. I am happy to say that it’s because I’m busy and my time is being filled with lots of work.

Anyway, my friend Oscar has been doing a project called “Ten Minute Designs”, he takes a phrase he hears at work and creates a poster for it in a ten minute time frame. So then one day Mike is telling me how he made something awesome for work, and it got shut down and he was literally told to make something “less cool”. I told him things went from awesome to awful in a matter of minutes, and he relayed that to Oscar, who wanted to use that for his TMD. Still following? So Oscar asked me to make one with him, and that’s what we have above. Mine is on top, and his is beneath. Interesting to see how we went in almost complete opposite directions. Check out his blog for more of his TMDs.

I promise I’ll have some more stuff up here soon, and like I said, I’ve thankfully been very busy, and as soon as some stuff wraps up, I’ll be putting it all on here.


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