Sitting Bull

I made this for a show I did last year of all portraits. This was pre-Nom Now days, so in the spaces where I could have repped that, I gave it to BCDQ and Sons Of Longley. That ain’t bad though!

In some odd turn of events, this never made it onto the internet until now, so I wanted to show it to whoever is looking.
Anyway, Native Americans are so cool, and I want to do more stuff involving them.


Somerdale Road, Voorhees, Philadelphia.

I promised more roads, and so here is another. Somerdale is the road I take to work everyday. There’s plenty of red lights, and a lot to look at. It’s a long and windy road, and the sun seems to always be setting or rising while I’m on it.

The next is a picture I took when I was leaving work on Thursday. As much as I love being at work, there’s nothing better then going home after a long day, and this scene was doing me right.
Today Mike and I went into the city to meet our friend Leighton for lunch. This guy has the funniest most unbelievable stories I’ve ever heard. After that we put up a few Fresh stickers and went to IKEA, this picture was taken on the way there.

Roads, Closets, and a Star

I took the first photo on my way home from work on monday because I noticed those huge mounds of dirt for the first time. It’s weird how you pass something everyday and sometimes just never realize it’s there. I also just found a house with a mote in front of it. I need to get a photo of it. But anyway, after adjusting it on the computer, it made me want to take photos of other roads I travel on a daily basis in hopes to see them differently as well.

The next photo is again messing with panoramic shots which I’ve been into lately.

And lastly is another picture from when the power went out at Star. This was on my out, and I just loved the way the structures were making silhouettes.

The Day The Star Went Dark

Yesterday was a wild downpour. It got so heavy that the power flickered off and on at work. A few hours later it was getting worse and the power  just wound up shutting off all together.The first set of pictures is Mike Smith hard at work, and the text is a bit of advice you can give to someone to do a job you yourself don’t wish to.

The panoramic photo was taken during the power outage. It was weird to see a place that is always so bright and lively in pretty much the exact opposite state. The rain on the roof of the building sounds like someone pushing the loudest cart of rattling tins down the longest hall.

Again, these are all larger then how they appear, so click to enjoy in full size.


#musicmonday has been dominating twitter since way before I was a part of it. And even since then I’ve been reluctant to get into it, because I didn’t really understand it. But lately I’ve been on the ISO50 blog, and the Kitsune Noir blog, and both have been paying (almost) equal attention to music as they are design, and how they interact. I’ve since discovered new music through those, and thought it would be cool to hopefully pass some along to other people myself.

It’s been a Smiths week for sure. I had a resurgence of interest after not listening for years, and it feels good to be back. Morissey is a strange one indeed, but he’s giving out some lyrics that are too good to pass up.
Tom Waits was confusing to me for a long time, but I had a moment of awakening and ever since then I have times where that’s the only thing I want to listen to. This time was certainly in part of my finishing The Wire, and becoming obsessed with “Way Down In The Hole.”
Holiday Shores was a band I was turned onto from some blog, which I am regrettably forgetting, but it’s smooth and groovy.
Tycho is the musical works of Scott Hansen, proving that he’s good at everything. This is awesome music to work to, I did all of yesterday’s work with Tycho going, and I’ll continue to do that for some time.
Townes Van Zandt is so underrated and under appreciated. I really don’t know what else to say about him besides those two things.
Beach House is ethereal and floaty and every once and a while, it’s exactly what I need to hear. Like Tycho, good to work to.
Bowerbirds and Frightened Rabbit round out the list. Bowerbirds Upper Air is actually really good and “Northern Lights” is untouchable.
Frightened Rabbit was a suggestion of River City Extension’s Joe Michelini. They were close to being just another band that I couldn’t spend the time to listen to to find out if I actually liked them, and I’m glad I was turned around before I never gave them a chance. He’s Scottish, and that’s awesome.

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Also, Check out my type…figuring out the ins and outs html.

The Refinement

Recently I’ve been wanting to create boundaries for my work. It’s sometimes fun to go nilly willy and try things that you’ve never done before, but I’d also like to get to a place where people can recognize that something is mine just because of the way it looks. So I’ve been following particular steps in how I take my photos, and what I do with them after wards, in hopes to create a uniformity within them.
I also read an article on the ISO50 blog talking about how he uses so few typefaces. This is also something I’m interested in doing. We all have our favorite go to fonts, and I am going to play on that.
So anyway, today was a lazy day around the apartment, and I wanted to capture some of that. Anyone who’s been to Park Crest or in particular Kirby and Amy’s apartment knows what it’s like, and I hope this reflects it. Also, I always find it interesting to see the space that people do there work in. So I included a “work space” photo so you can see where my stuff usually goes down. Like I said, that kind of stuff is always intriguing so if you feel so inclined, I’d like to see where you do your best…and worst.

By the way all of these photos are large. So just click on them to see them full size.

Julius Various

It’s been a long while, and I want to show some stuff that I did over the past few weeks, that slipped through the cracks and never got put up anywhere.

I made this poster for my friend Amy Fread for her birthday.

My friends from Black Churches asked me to help them out with a design for their new EP cover. I was happy to do so. The album was actually released today. Don’t be a dope, just listen to them.

The printed version was done up by Radish White Ice Design.

And lastly, here’s a Nom Now idea I had a while ago that I just forgot about until now.

I promise I’ll have more stuff up soon.