#musicmonday has been dominating twitter since way before I was a part of it. And even since then I’ve been reluctant to get into it, because I didn’t really understand it. But lately I’ve been on the ISO50 blog, and the Kitsune Noir blog, and both have been paying (almost) equal attention to music as they are design, and how they interact. I’ve since discovered new music through those, and thought it would be cool to hopefully pass some along to other people myself.

It’s been a Smiths week for sure. I had a resurgence of interest after not listening for years, and it feels good to be back. Morissey is a strange one indeed, but he’s giving out some lyrics that are too good to pass up.
Tom Waits was confusing to me for a long time, but I had a moment of awakening and ever since then I have times where that’s the only thing I want to listen to. This time was certainly in part of my finishing The Wire, and becoming obsessed with “Way Down In The Hole.”
Holiday Shores was a band I was turned onto from some blog, which I am regrettably forgetting, but it’s smooth and groovy.
Tycho is the musical works of Scott Hansen, proving that he’s good at everything. This is awesome music to work to, I did all of yesterday’s work with Tycho going, and I’ll continue to do that for some time.
Townes Van Zandt is so underrated and under appreciated. I really don’t know what else to say about him besides those two things.
Beach House is ethereal and floaty and every once and a while, it’s exactly what I need to hear. Like Tycho, good to work to.
Bowerbirds and Frightened Rabbit round out the list. Bowerbirds Upper Air is actually really good and “Northern Lights” is untouchable.
Frightened Rabbit was a suggestion of River City Extension’s Joe Michelini. They were close to being just another band that I couldn’t spend the time to listen to to find out if I actually liked them, and I’m glad I was turned around before I never gave them a chance. He’s Scottish, and that’s awesome.

Feel free to add me on last.fm by clicking here.

Also, Check out my type…figuring out the ins and outs html.


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