When Did You Choose To Be Straight?

Two nights ago I got into a fight on Facebook. Not something I’d normally be proud of (necessarily ;)), but it was one of those instances where you are unable to hold back and you know you are signing  yourself off for a night of back and forth arguing. I’m sure you can tell the nature of the argument by looking at the poster, but if it’s unclear, a girl was claiming that people aren’t born gay, that it’s a choice you make, and on top of it all, it’s wrong.

The fact that people believe this is appalling to me, and so for better or worse I entered into what became a huge debate between me and some future members of the Westboro baptist church. I don’t know if it got anywhere (arguments online rarely do) but I felt glad that I stood up against something I believed was absolutely wrong. My final input to this 80 plus comment bomb, was a single line informing her that I was deleting her as a friend.

You’re not going to talk much sense into people like this, they’re too caught up in their own twisted belief, but one question that no one cared to answer was the one on the poster above. It seems simple enough to answer… or not. But in its unanswerable quality, you kind of see where I’m going with it.

So a few things… I hope you’ve all remembered to wear purple today, it’s a seemingly small action, but anything raising awareness is not only important, but integral. Secondly, be brave in confronting people, standing up for what you believe, and do not be afraid to take the leap and delete anyone on facebook who is holding onto these ideas of hate and homophobia. You’re better off without them.

I’m beyond looking for tolerance and am looking for complete equality and acceptance.


6 thoughts on “When Did You Choose To Be Straight?

  1. Fabulous post. And I not only wore purple today but attempted to be as flamboyant as possible. Thanks for taking a stand and being an ally and a loud voice for those who can only whisper. NOM NOW ❤ GLBTQQI

  2. I’m always coming across people like this on the internet.
    I haven’t met anyone who has felt the need to argue with me about this in person.
    People can be so bold online.

    Anyway, I am wearing purple today. I will also link this article on my blog.
    It was a good read. Good job.

  3. Hi Matt, I know your folks from college. They are wonderful people and I can see they have raised a wonderful bright young man.

    You make the point so eloquently that is one of my core theories concerning sexuality. I have found when I counter a homophobe with this argument they ALWAYS immediately retreat and bring God and Morality into the mix.

    Hopefully if enough of us speak out we will raise more awareness and help people to leave that dark place called Bigotry. I will post your site on my FB page.

    It remains an important issue that needs to be heralded. Thank you. Judith

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